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Solutions for life & business

Clients come to us looking for fresh ideas and sustained growth.

We use the rigorous practices of design thinking to dive deep into their industries and create exceptional products and solutions. 

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Orbis Sustainable Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Kruz Furniture Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Bodybilt Furniture Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Umbra Product Design | Dystil Miles Keller

Orbis: Green Bin

We worked with Orbis to create a recycling bin built for urban life— raccoon resistance included.


Carolina: Kruz

A classic line of modular guest seating designed to fit a wide range of office environments, and optimized for minimal maintenance.


Bodybilt: Aircelli

A performance task chair with an innovative (IP protected) frame structure resulting in the first 3D curve for tensioned mesh.


Umbra: Plato

Injection molded dishrack that does away with counter mats. A curvilinear classic designed for small spaces, where every square foot counts.

Case Study: Reevo

How can a Canadian manufacturer of MMA fight gear change up the status quo and compete with the biggest names in the industry? 

Catuga Furniture Design | Dystil Miles Keller
IWB Mobility Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Stanpac Product Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Alouette Product Design | Dystil Miles Keller

Brickworks TO: Cayuga

For the annual Design X Nature competition in Toronto, Dystil created this award-winning piece of public furniture.



Dystil collaborated with an interdisciplinary team at the Institute Without Boundaries to envision a personal mobility vehicle for 2040.


Stanpac: Bottle Seal

Stanpac needed an easy-seal lid that could be built reliably and affordably. 15 years later our design is still the industry standard.


Nuit Blanche: Alouette

Originally an exhibit at Nuit Blanche 2013, Aloutte is a lamp with connections to one of the world's first satellites.

Case Study: Zenon

How can the water purification process be designed for more simplicity and reliability, to help cities increase sustainability? 

Kona Lounge Chair Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Orenda Vehicle Mobility Design | Dystil Miles Keller
Franlkin Furniture Design | Dystil Miles Keller

Internal Project: Kona Lounge

Kona won the grand prize at the Canadian IIDEX Workshop, celebrating natural materials in design. The chair is built of locally-sourced ash, a species threatened in Canada by the invasive Emerald Ash Boring Beetle.


Internal Project: Orenda PEV

Orenda, an all-wood Personal Electric Vehicle, appeared in Azure Magazine as a mobility concept. Engineered in the style of traditional canoes, it's our response to the combined issues of urban transport and climate change.


Internal Project: Franklin

Crafted as an artistic homage to the doomed Franklin Artic expedition of 1845, the Franklin lounge is a showstopping centrepiece for any room, in any home.


Case Study: ergoCentric

How can a traditional furniture company apply human-centered design to reinvent the office chair?

Allseating Furniture Design |  | Dystil Miles Keller
Umbra Garbage Can | Dystil Miles Keller
Allseating Chair Design |  | Dystil Miles Keller
Orbis Product Design |  Dystil Miles Keller

Allseating: OSs

OSs is a stacking side chair with modular cast-aluminum legs & arms that allow for simple manufacture, and quick removal of the armrests.


Umbra: Step-on Can

Dystil created a user-friendly design for Umbra that combined domestic practicality with an aesthetically beautiful form.

Allseating: Fluid

Fluid® is one chair designed to appeal to everyone, in any work environment. Since debut, Fluid has blown critics and users away, even seeing cameos in Hollywood.


Orbis: Kitchen Catcher

Dystil was charged with designing the indoor compost bin for the City of Toronto. Simple, intuitive, effective, our design has been used around North America.

We are creative problem solvers.

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