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Creative problem solvers.

Dystil is a creative product design studio in the heart of Toronto.

We use 25 years of practical experience at the cutting edge of design methodology to create products and systems that enhance people's lives.

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Understanding people and business

We spend every day seeking clear and creative solutions to complex problems. And we know the best way to do that is empathetic, user-centered design thinking. 


That's why every aspect of our work is rooted in the human elements that the product will interact with, and the business elements that will help to make it possible. We do this through a systematic process of observation of human behaviour and societal trends. Synthesizing those factors into a single, systemized product is what we do best.

Dystil Process | Design Thinking


Take a complex problem. Boil it down to the component parts. Identify the value proposition.

Dystil Design Process | Customer and Consumer Research


Dive deep with a fresh set of eyes. Craft a strategy that makes 

Dystil Design Process | Products and Systems


Try, try, and try again. Build out our solution with a quick cycle of build-fail-repeat.

Dystil Design Process | Product Development


Elegant solutions that leave clients happy and make the world a better-designed place.

Dystil Design Process | Manufacturing and Delivery


Leveraging a network built over 25 years to make the manufacturing process a snap.

Here's our process:

And here's some testimonials:

(We have a history of going beyond expectations.)

Samantha Sanella,

Director at Urban Retreat Homes

Miles is a rigorous, diligent, award winning design professional who continues to raise the bar for design in Canada. He understands and promotes design as a driver of business, the economy and the environment. I have no hesitation to recommend him for a position- he'd be an asset to any team.

Tim Poupore, 

Owner at Ove Industrial Design

Miles has grown from highly creative contributor to highly respected competitor, and remained a friend throughout. Miles' reputation as a talented and dedicated designer is well known, and his portfolio of design successes ranks with the best. Work with him if you get the chance.

Steven Pederson,

Owner at SKP Innovation

Miles is highly creative and able to see things in a new and different way. He was originally hired to improve the "look" of our Zenon product but he was able to reduce cost and improve functionality, especially when his efforts were coupled closely with our engineering knowledge.

Our founder is

Miles Keller

Miles is one of Canada’s most highly regarded industrial designers, with over twenty-five years of professional experience in all areas of product design. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in industrial design in 1989. He has also studied architecture at the University of British Columbia and industrial design at the University of Calgary. He has been on the boards of the both the Financial Post Design Effectiveness Awards and the Humane Village international design conference. Miles also served as president of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) for four years (1996- 2000). 

(Picture by Kenneth Laing Herdy)

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