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Changing transportation for a changing world.

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The Orenda Concept



Orenda is an all-wood electric vehicle, designed and built to challenge our ideas about transportation in the age of mass consumption. It's a new kind of urban transport, designed for low-speed personal use while utilizing as few resources as possible.

An internal project, funded and planned by Dystil, Orenda is our effort to make a positive impact on the world around us in the way we know best- really, really good design that prompts interesting discussion.

Explore the graphic below for an explanation of what makes Orenda tick.

What's Next?



From 28 September - 8 October, Orenda will be on display at the EDIT show in Toronto. EDIT is billed as a "Festival of the Future", where Canada's most innovative designs and ideas will be available to learn from and explore.

After that, we'll continue to expand on the Orenda Concept.

We're always looking for partners to help us explore the future of transportation, urban living, Canadian manufacturing, and sustainable design.

Check back again soon!

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