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Reevo Glove by Dystil Industrial Product Design

We design for life.

We use the experience of more than 25 years to help clients understand the human emotion behind their business and design award-winning products that people love.

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Life, Distilled.


Dystil uses design-thinking methodology to bring different influences together for a clear result.


We know that when every day brings fresh trends and new ideas, it can be hard to keep your head straight- let alone your business. That's why Dystil is focused on helping your team cut through the noise- finding trends relevant to your group, and the human needs that underpin them. Then we help you create new business and maintain old markets by anticipating change and planning for the future.

Dystil Product Design | Experienced Furniture Design
Dystil Product Design | Soft Good Products
Dystil Product Design | Sustainable Industrial Design

Case Study: ergoCentric

How can a traditional furniture company apply human-centered design to reinvent the office chair?


Case Study: Reevo

How can a Canadian manufacturer of MMA fight-gear compete with the biggest names in the industry? 


Case Study: Zenon

How can good design make water purification simpler, more reliable, and more sustainable for communities?


Miles Keller designs furniture products

We're designing solutions for life and business

A few of our collaborators

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Herman Miller | Furniture Design
Zenon Environmental | Sustainable Industrial Design
City of Toronto | Canadian Urban Living Design
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Orbis Plastics | Dystil Industrial Design
Getty Museum | USA
Greyter Environmental | Canadian Water System Design
Teknion Furniture Design | USA
Reevo | Canadian Fight Gear
ergoCentric | Canadian Furniture Designi

Let's get to know each other

Communication is our biggest asset.

If you're looking for more information about who we are, what we do, or how we can work together- the best way to get started is a conversation. 

Talk soon.

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